It gives me great pleasure to join you this morning to preside over the 1st Graduation Ceremony of Pioneer International University whose theme is Holistic Education for societal Transformation. Today we are here to celebrate the transformation of this assemblage of young men and women, who have dedicated themselves, their energies, time and resources, to transform their knowledge and skill base. We celebrate them because readiness to serve and transform society requires sacrifice. Their accomplishment has required the sacrifice of their loved ones and demanded sacrifice from themselves. It is these traits that have brought you this far and that will propel you to transform your spheres of influence. I have no doubt that each of you have completed your education here, motivated by a sense of duty and care to your family, community or country; by a belief that you have something positive to contribute to the development of our nation. In short, I have no doubt that you are motivated by a desire to serve. To transform our nation, we must mark this generation as one that seeks not to ‘eat and grow rich’ but to build a legacy worth passing on to the future generations. I also wish to commend the University staff for having worked tirelessly to ensure that those graduating today successfully completed their studies. I further acknowledge the parents, guardians and sponsors for having provided the necessary financial, emotional, and social support to the graduands. Allow me to remind you that the world has changed and an education, even a good university education, is no longer a guarantee to a job. A degree certificate is not a passport to the world employment. Instead your education has given you skills and a world view that leads to creativity and innovation. You are now expected to create your own opportunities and of those less fortunate than yourselves. Much has been given to you and much will be expected out of you. So, as we leave today’s ceremony, kindly bear in mind that graduation is merely the beginning of a long journey in which you are no longer a passenger but the master of your own destiny. Do not be afraid, however, because in this ever-changing world, there are rewards for those seeking to work hard, to take risks, and to walk the path that is less trodden Well, today is not my day, it is for the graduands and I would wish to conclude by urging you to be good ambassadors of this university. The University has adequately prepared you for the challenges ahead by equipping you with the virtues of hard work, commitment and integrity. I do hope you will make a positive difference as you go out into the world to render service to humanity. Thank you very much and God bless you all. It is now my pleasure and duty to welcome the Chancellor to address the congregation and thereafter invite our Chief Guest.