I wish to join the Chair of Governing Council and the Vice Chancellor in welcoming you all to this Commencement ceremony of pioneer International University graduation and awards ceremony. Allow me from the outset to pass my congratulations to all the graduands for the achievement we celebrate today. It is a moment you need to reflect and in a very humble way thank all those who have supported you in this journey particularly your parents/guardians, friends and family. I wish to thank also the University Management Board and the Governing Council, faculty, staff and students for making this day possible. In a very special way, allow me to sincerely thank our Chief Guest today Prof. Some for honoring the University invitation to be our Chief Guest today. The graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable events in one’s academic life. This comes at the end of a long journey of some rigorous academic preparations. Accordingly, this ceremony tells you that you are now ready and prepared to begin your life to pursue your set goals in life. Indeed, the importance of education to an individual, community and societal transformation cannot be overemphasized. As Nelson Mandela once said and I quote: “Education is a great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker become the head of the mine, that a child of a farm worker can become the president of a great nation.”. To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt, we must therefore continue to invest in knowledge because it pays the best interest. I wish to remind you that you should remain passionate and committed to what you aspire to do in the months and years to come. You must believe in yourself. Make sure you know that you are different than all other generations. The power given to you today, with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto, must be used to transform you communities and the country. Get ready to make all the impossible possible. You can create a new world which no other generation could do. The present world has many challenges, including but not limited to, unemployment, poverty, unnecessary deaths in the absence of simple and almost costless health services, global warming and nation building. You can change it all. Your generation should go out and build bridges between and among communities in Kenya and the world. This is your time and that is what this graduation ceremony is all about. It tells you that you are ready to get into action. Go ahead, and create a world which will be different, which will be way much better than we all found it. As I conclude, I know you, like all other humans, have made some mistakes in your life this far. I hope that you can learn from those mistakes and those of others as you start this new chapter in your life, because if you have the seriousness of purpose, if you find wisdom in your failures, if you give yourself to a cause greater than yourself, then I know you will do great things. Because for all the challenges of the season we are in, there is a silver lining to graduating this moment in time, because you not only have the great responsibility to serve your country, because you have an extraordinary opportunity to change it… and Because you have a rare chance to do big things in this world! Pioneer International University will be proud of you because you have learnt how to use your power to change the world. Use this university, your alma mater, as the hub of all your creative initiatives. We would like to learn from you, and pass this learning to the next generation of students who come after you at PIU. Once again, congratulations to you all for qualifying to attend today’s graduation ceremony. Congratulations to all the parents who are present here to witness the great moment in the lives of their sons and daughters. Congratulations to the friends and relatives for being here to make this event memorable.