Process for Organization of Information Materials:

(i) The Technical Section receives books from the Acquisition Section for classification, cataloguing and physical processing.
(ii) New information materials are recorded in the accessions register where each volume is assigned an accession number.
The details of the entry include: date accessioned, author title, source, publisher, the price and remarks.
(iii) The books are checked in the shelf list to determine whether they are new or added copies to avoid duplication of records.
(iv) The materials are classified using the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme.
(v) The call number of each individual title is sourced through the internet from the Library of Congress website or in related websites.
(vi) The details of the LC number and especially the cutter number are customized in line with the PIU Library collection.
(vii) The call number settled on is written on the verso page of the book using a pencil. 

(viii) The classified books are forwarded to cataloguers to generate catalogue cards.
(ix) The details of the entry are entered into the computer and this forms the computer shelf list database.
(x) Filing arrangement is alphabetical in a classified order of the call number while the public catalogue cards are arranged alphabetically by title/author in one sequence.
(xi) Subject entry is filed separately but alongside the author/title catalogue.
(xii) The catalogued books are forwarded to the Library attendants/clerks to do physical processing which includes labelling, spine-marking and insertion of the magnetic strips.

(xiii) The processed books are forwarded to the circulation section for display and circulation.

(xiv) A copy of each new book is displayed for one week before releasing for circulation.