Process for Registration of New Members:

(i) The Library conducts its own orientation once the general University orientation and induction is completed before registering new members.
(ii) The Librarian draws an orientation schedule and pins it on notice boards to notify various groups when to attend library orientation.
(iii) During orientation, students are divided into manageable groups of about 30 each and are taken on a step by step tour of the library by the Library Assistant.
(iv) The tour involves ushering to the staff in-charge of every section in the library.
(v) Students are taken through the rules and regulations via PowerPoint presentation and a hardcopy of the same is issued to each one of them.
(vi) The patrons are finally given the membership forms to fill and return to the officer in-charge of registration to verify whether the forms have been filled correctly.
(vii) The new patrons are issued with the eligible number of borrowing cards.
(viii) Eligible students who report late to the University are advised by the Library to register at the circulation desk.
(ix) When a quorum for orientation is attained, the students are notified through the notice board when to report for orientation and subsequent registration.
(x) Registration is closed one month after the admission of the first year students.