Opening and Closing Hours:

The library shall be opened from Monday to Saturday
Monday-Friday 8.00 am -5.30 pm
Saturday 9.00am -1.00 pm
The library shall remain closed on Sundays and all Public holidays

past papers and fines:

All forms of past papers and other revision materials shall be loaned for a couple of hours for purposes of photocopying.


It is the responsibility of all patrons to bring the borrowed information materials on time. Patrons who keep the books lent out beyond the due date will be required to pay a fine of 5 shillings per day.

College Identification:

The library users must produce their college identification cards when borrowing any information materials.

Loan Period:

Books and other materials will only be taken out on loan after they have been issued properly by the library staff.
All serials which include periodicals, magazines, journals, newspapers are for reference purposes only. Their use is restricted to designated sections in the library.
Library patrons are allowed to borrow books for a period of one week as long as there are enough copies of the same. Books on high demand will be issued on short loan. This will either be overnight or two hours per day.
The loan is renewable only once only in the event that it is not required by other users.
The library staffs have the right to recall any materials out on loan.

General library Rules and Regulations

  • No food stuff and beverages( including water) shall be allowed in the library. These contribute to deterioration of information resources when they accidently pour on them.
    Silence must be observed in the library, No discussions, mobile phone must be put on silent mode.
    No re-shelving of materials used. They should be left on the reading tables.
  • No drinking, eating or smoking in the library 
  • No sleeping in the library. The library is a place where users come to seek information and also a reading place for students. In this case for those who feel asleep while in the library, please give room for those who want to do their studies.
  • Bags, briefcases, coats, hats not allowed in the library. They should be left in the luggage area always. Personal items for example books and bags should not be stored in the library over the weekend.
  • Cleanliness and good order should be observed in the library always. Patrons are encouraged to use the library dust bin and in their own way leave it clean.
  • All lost books must be replaced within a month. The user will be billed for the current edition of the lost book.
  • The library may withdraw library privileges from users who disregard library regulations.
    Personal items should not be left under the care of library staff, one should take care of his/her properties.