1. NB Office365 portal page will open once you click on the link below.

  2. Enter your student email address and password;

 e.g. click on next and enter password as given on registration or admission day.

Then click, sign in

A dialogue box on the right side will appear as shown; 

Type in your current password.

You are required to change your password by typing in your new preferred password and confirm your new password.

NB; Password should be alphanumeric i.e. contains letters, numbers and a special character e.g. @

Once done, click on sign in, then click next

  1. A dialogue box will appear as shown on your right side;

You are required to key in your phone number e.g. 07xx xxx xxx on the first option by clicking ‘set it up now’ as below. Make sure to select Kenya (+254) on the drop-down menu.

Then click on the text me tab

Key in the six-code digit sent on to your phone as show n your right side, then click on verify

If successful, a green tick will appear as below;

Repeat the same process as above for option B for the email address. You are required to use your own personal email address e.g. Gmail, yahoo etc.

Once you’re done, two green arrows will appear as below to show that your schools email address has been set up successfully.

Then click on the link below to activate.